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[Arbeitsthread] Blacklist und Tradegebote in Englisch

Schwarzer Engel

Well-known member
14 September 2005
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Als erste die BL, da braucht man nicht so viel *g*


Preliminary Remark:
(valid in all forum)
  1. If you are new, you should acquaint yourself with the 10 precepts of trade (LINK)
  2. Of course, the Nettiquette (LINK) is valid in our trade forum, too
  3. The trade with bugged, hacked or duped stems (LINK) is not allowed in our trade forum. “Bugged” items means items with impossible properties; ethereal items socket by cube are allowed to trade
    all items which are socket with blacklisted jewels or runes may not been traded
  4. Unidentified items may not been offered. On Enquiry, every variable property has to be itemized
  5. Trading on the marketplaces is forbidden
  6. There should only be one thread per item open; you should not have more than three relevant thread per forum open (Hardcore: see Announcement (LINK))
  7. Every thread may only been upped once an hour
  8. The items written in orange may only been offered by Advanced Traders (LINK). Demanding and esteeming is allowed for all traders

→ Trades between Ladder and Nonladder are forbidden.

Schwarzer Engel

Well-known member
14 September 2005
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Precepts of Trade


Advanced Traders

HC-Aushang Link der BL ist tot!

bugged, hacked, duped

impossible properties


hacks and cheats


Schwarzer Engel

Well-known member
14 September 2005
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Precepts of Trade:

Excerpt from the genesis of the trade bible:

So it happened before a week, a vision who came to me while sleep, the God of Trade told me: “Go ye upon the mountain of Arreat, I have to promulgate something very important!”
Thereupon, I awoke out of my delirium, packed my laptop into my water buffalo bag, donned my good vampire fang belt and fastened speedily sixteen full rejuvenations with cola-taste; the card of Schnappzapps local pizza service belongs to the basics of every Arreat visitor.
I packed my Gorefeet with my Goblin Toes into the Tearhaunch and finally started wandering the Treads of Cthon.

Every four hours, I jettisoned wild roots found on the way.
Arriving at Mount Arreats Peak, I gave an egg to Korlic, Madawc and Talic and sent them down to the Halls of Vaught; they should show the traitor how to make an egg stand without breaking it.
This challenge should occupy the three slightly underexposed barbarians long enough.

After I set up camp and enjoyed the ordered act 5/4 seasons pizza, I made myself comfortable at the campfire.
Suddenly it darkened and Mount Arreat was shrouded in mystery; it seems as black clouds descended and then a gap appeared in the clouds and a ray of light illuminated my camp.
Shortly after that, I heard a deep voice talking to me...

“I am the God of Trade and I choose you to bring the ten precepts of Trade to the trade community that a new age of fair trade may start”. I took a deep breath... it sounded like a hard piece of work ... and that while we had far over 30°C ...
The voice became more serious and said: “Why do you think I have darkened the sky ... so now take your laptop and write down, what I have to say”
And I did what I was told to. So I spent seven days and nights on Mount Arreat.

Now, where I have returned, hear, what I have to say...

The 10 Precepts of Trade

1.You should not trade with Blacklist Items
- Read our Blacklist and understand them
- Keep on to the rules which are written there
- Report violations to a moderator
2.You shall not scam, steal or cheat
- Stay away from hacks and cheats, they destroy the game and are not welcome in our forum
- Using cheats ans hacks may cause a loss of BattelNet account
- If we notice that you use hacks or cheats, you may be banned from our forum
3.You should keep your words
- If you made a commitment in a thread, you should keep to it (especially fast trades and dead lines)
- You should not draw back an offer
4.You should not make cross offers
- In a thread do not offer the same item as the threadstarter
- Never try to woo away purchasers. Not even per PM
5.You should not deal with personal disagreements in public
- If you have problems with another user, resolve this via PM
- If this problem cannot been resolved, ask a moderator
- If someone attacks you verbally, report this and do not take revenge
6.You should not trade with item who may be duped
- In BattleNet Trade Channels, games and several forum most times, dupes are traded
- Keep away from this trade areas
- Never offer items from this trade areas in this forum
7.You should not esteem where an esteem is not desired
- Only make an esteem if the threadstarter wants to here it
- If you think that someone is going to be scammed, report that to a moderator
8.You should not trade via PM
- PM-Trades are trades, where the negotiations about price (or a part of it) do not take place in a thread in our forum.
- Do not accept PM-Trades, they violate against the Blacklist
- Report the PM via the link “Diese PM einem Moderator melden” (underneath each PM). A moderator will take care about it.
9.You should not mix real and virtual values
- Offers or demands in real cash or other things not belonging to the game Diablo 2 will not been patient
- this means also links or pieces of advice to online auctions
10. You should not post links to trade forum, where there are no or a different Blacklist
- This means your posts, your PMs, your profile and also your signature
- Advices to this trade forum are forbidden, too.